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Who's Ready For A Break?

There are only a few school days left, and that's a big reason to celebrate! I love starting school, and I love when it's over too. I guess most of us probably feel that way.

As we head into the summer, we've been spending time talking about what the next school year should look like. We have to decide who wants to study what and which kids are interested in college.

I will have a senior and a 10th, 8th, and 7th grader next year! Where has the time gone? I know where....it's been whiled away in day after day of spending hours on end together. When you homeschool, the days can seem to drag on and on and sometimes you just wish for some kid free space.

Looking at it from the homestretch, I'm so thankful for all those hours. All the noise, mess, and even seeming lack of productivity have added up to create some great kids.

There have been times when I thought math was going to ruin my relationship with my kids forever or that I would have a 5th grade drop out, but God has always come through with His grace and wisdom even at the darkest moments.

So, here we all are on this amazing journey! Let's take full advantage of our summer break and dive back in deep, because raising powerful adults is amazing!