That Time I Fell Off the Bandwagon of History

We started with a great plan. Isn't that always how it goes? I picked up some "great" history DVDs which I figured would interest the whole family. We were going to watch them a few days a week and have a group discussion.

Fast forward to December, and I had to do a face palm when it dawned on me that we had fallen off the bandwagon of history....missed the train....slidden off the slippery slope.....or whatever you want to call it. We only made it though one and a half of the discs.

I want to blame it on the fact that my oldest son's schedule ended up being much busier than I guessed it would be, which makes it hard for us to all watch the DVD's together. In reality, the series is just plain boring. I can hardly stand to watch it; I certainly can't blame my kids for not being interested in my "great plan."

What's a mom to do when she realizes halfway through the school year that her kids haven't been getting any history education for months? Call a family meeting.

The family meeting on this occasion was a casual, right after family dinner event. I just said, "Guys, I need to talk to you. We have a problem. The younger kids (middle school age) don't know basic history. (They get a deer in the headlights look when I ask basic questions that every American should know the answer to.) What can we do about this?"

Fortunately, my two older boys are really into history. They have been very motivated to learn on their own. They honestly know more about it than I do.

They said, "Just make them read the text books that we read."

Duh. I was trying to make learning fun, which I still think is the best way to go, but in this case my efforts at fun actually made things worse.

Sometimes you just have to crack open that text book and get some straightforward information the good old-fashioned way. (Click to Tweet)

The younger kids aren't excited about the plan, but sometimes parenting is about doing what's best for your child, not what's the most fun in the moment.(Click to Tweet)

Are there any areas in school where your family has fallen off the bandwagon this year? Do you have a solution yet? Maybe we can all brainstorm together.

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