Unschool Activities

Our school life is a mixture of public school, homeschool textbooks, and unschool activities. I guess you can say we take our favorite parts of each method and throw out the rest.

This week Judah and I made a "Bert" shirt for the public school Spanish class project he had to do with his friend (who dressed up as Ernie).

We used duct tape to make the stripes!

We used duct tape to make the stripes!


Zoe and I made a maze for her hamster, Cookie. We read in a magazine that even small pets need mental stimulation. Check out how it turned out in this short video!

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Learning to Tell Stories Through Video

My 6th and 7th graders love to tell stories. The past few months we have been experimenting with different ways to tell their stories. One of our favorites is through video. With the technology that is available today, anyone can make a nice video in a short amount of time.

Sometimes the kids draw on old fashioned paper; then we just snap a photo of the drawing. Other times they use their iPads to draw the illustrations.

Next we record their voice with a phone.

We upload all of the pieces to iMovie for editing. When we get things just the way we want them, we upload the video toVimeo.

Here are a couple of our favorites.....


To see more of the creative work the kids are working on visit Zoe's Gallery and Elijah's Gallery!

Do you have any creative storytelling ideas to share with us?