Have You Fallen Into the Benchmark and Performance Mode Trap?

I started homeschooling when my oldest son, Judah, turned four years old. He has an August birthday, so he is always one of the youngest kids in his grade. I decided to jump right in with him because I had two more boys behind him and a baby on the way. I figured I couldn't afford to wait; besides, I was excited to start the process.

Looking back, Judah was not as ready as I was. We went through a few years of struggle over math studies because I pushed him harder and faster than I should have. 

Judah is a junior in high school now, and he is excelling at everything he puts his mind to. I wish I would have known when he was younger that it would all pan out in the end.

Sometimes you just have to set aside a text book for a semester or two. I have found that waiting, instead of trying to keep up with grade level benchmarks can very often bring the breakthrough in learning that you are longing for.

That's one of the reasons why we homeschool, right? We want to have the ability to teach our child according to their own interests, personality, learning style, and pace. Funny how we can easily get into performance mode. I think it comes from a deep desire to know that we aren't messing our kids up. It's good intention carried too far.

Take a deep breath and enjoy your kids. It's all going to be ok.

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