Second Semester Slump


I don't know about you, but summer break could start right now and I'd be thrilled! It's so easy to get going in the fall when all of your school ideas are fresh and new. Keeping at it going into spring can be hard work. Here's how we are maximizing our learning time in spite of the second semester slump....

Are you familiar with Ted Ed? We have really been enjoying their videos. They are especially helpful for my 7th grader whose mind tends to wander while reading a text book or listening to me talk. I like their videos because they are entertaining for older kids and adults alike, visually appealing, and educationally interesting. You may want to watch out for some secular, evolutionary thought lines though. Here are a couple of our favorites: (Images are links)

One of the great things about having older kids is being able to say, "Guys, I'm swamped today. I want you to find something educational to do." This is where unschooling is beautiful. My kids will read a book, write a story, or work on digital art. My 9th grader will spend hours reading up on history all on his own.

If you have younger kids, put in the hard work of training and teaching the basics. It really does pay off in the end. Don't allow behaviors or attitudes in young kids to continue, thinking the kids are too young to do the right thing. A tantrum that looks cute on a two year old will grow into a nightmare attitude in a teen if you don't do the hard work early on. Consistency in training truly is harder for parents than for kids.

For small kids, and older ones still struggling with multiplication, check out Math-u-see's Skip Counting CD. We used to listen to it all the time in the van and it really sticks with you. (Image = link)

What are you focusing on this month? I'd love to hear about it!