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Did you know that 25% of the Health Journey is community? Every Thursday night at 7 central time, we have a 25-minute live zoom community meeting. I want to encourage you to put that time on your calendar. It is always so helpful and encouraging.

In case you missed last night, I want to share the recording here. Andy Howard shared with us about the freedom that coming with switching our mindset about the way we think about food.

Finding Inspiration

Staying inspired is key to reaching your goals! In the video below, Andy Howard hosts two amazing people whose stories are incredibly inspirational. The woman in the video eliminated 200 pounds on her health journey and the man 100 pounds. The video is definitely worth watching!

Every Thursday night at 7 central time, Andy hosts these short community Zoom meetings. I recommend adding them to your weekly calendar.


Amazing Results or Mixed?

What kind of results do you want? Amazing or mixed? If you want amazing results, choose to follow the program 100%. If you want mixed results, you can just half-way do the program.

What kind of long-term results do you want? Life-long transformation or a fight to maintain your progress? If you want long-term freedom, follow the transition and maintenance plan. If you want a continual struggle, you can just half-way do transition and maintenance.

I want to encourage you to be all-in when it comes to your health. Make a choice to follow the program 100% so that you can have lasting freedom and health!

Please reach out and let me know how I can support you. I am here to help!


Taking the Stress Out Of Developing Healthy Mindsets

Do you know what a NSV is? It’s a non-scale victory. We celebrate NSV’s along our health journey because they are an exciting part of getting healthy outside of just a number on the scale. Yesterday I had a NSV when I went shopping for new jeans.

First of all, I wasn’t dreading trying on clothes. Secondly, when I did try on 4 pairs of jeans, they all fit perfectly and looked great! Every time I went to pull a pant leg on, I kept expecting them to be too tight and to look wrong. Ha, I’m still getting used to my new normal!


It happens to all of us. We can be rolling right along and then out of nowhere we hit a trigger that sets off all kinds of stress and emotions. What happens next is pivotal to your health journey. In this video, Andy Howard has some amazing stories lined up as well as some tips and remedies for what to do next time you set off a trigger. (If the video doesn’t show in your email, click the title at the top of the email content to go to the website.)


From Dr. A: Your mindset on your journey toward optimal health is perhaps one of the greatest factors for determining your success. We often see people begin with a focus on what they will lose if they can get healthy. They want to lose weight. They want to lose the negative feelings they have about themselves. And in many ways, they want to leave their old lives behind.

Optimal wellbeing is not about what you lose. Optimal wellbeing is about what you gain.

That can sound trivial at first, but… (read more here)

Starting 2019 Strong!

On Thursday nights, our team leader, Andy Howard, and a few of our friends do a community zoom taking us through the Habits Of Health. If you learn these principles you'll be set for life!

7:00 CST/ 8:00pm EST 

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Meeting ID: 4694746923

One side effect of your health journey is that people will be asking you what you’re doing to get healthy. At that point, you can either refer them to me, or you can coach them. I want to share this video with you about what health coaching is like. Let me know what you think.

Getting Up When You Stumble

On average, a habit takes 66 days of repetition to form. If you miss a day, you can pick the habit back up and still form the habit by the end of 66 days. If you miss two days in a row, restart the counter at day one and try again.

This is the process I use when I talk to patients about Habits of Health, and we often make the process even simpler by building habits in layers. Instead of starting someone on an ambitious five-day fitness program, we begin with a microHabit so easy it is nearly impossible to fail: one push-up a day. If you can do more, do more, but always do at least one.

Once the microHabit is installed, we build on it with more Habits of Health. This accumulation of sustainable change leads to the incredible transformations we have seen in the lives of thousands of people around the world.

On this journey, however, no one reaches their goals without at least one stumble. They might miss a day in their habit streak. They might overeat at a family gathering. Whatever it is, a misstep on your journey does not mean that all is lost. Unfortunately, I often see that this experience of making a mistake and slipping backward into Habits of Disease creates feelings of immense self-doubt and inner turmoil.

“I was doing so well, but then I screwed it up. I don’t know if I can do this.”

Just as a habit is not the product of a singular choice (but rather several), the reflection of who you are and what you are capable of is not visible in a singular decision. In fact, a stumble on your journey can be a valuable learning opportunity that makes you even more successful in reaching your goals. If you reframe a stumble as a unique chance to learn about yourself, you can rebound with not only renewed enthusiasm but also with a key insight that makes your Habits of Health easier to maintain.

When you experience a “miss” in your Habits of Health, here’s what to do:

•Stop. Pause the hustle and bustle of your life to recognize the choice you made.
• Reflect. Why did you make this choice? What happened around you that led to the decision?
•Plan. How can you prevent this situation from occurring again? What can you do differently?
•Visualize. Rehearse the situation mentally so that you know what to do or say if you find yourself facing the same challenge.
•Get support. Talk to your health coach about the challenge and get his or her input. They have probably been in similar situations themselves and know how to help.

Don’t allow a simple stumble to define or derail your journey. Use the experience to learn, and then pick up where you left off. -Dr. Anderson