Taking the Stress Out Of Developing Healthy Mindsets

Do you know what a NSV is? It’s a non-scale victory. We celebrate NSV’s along our health journey because they are an exciting part of getting healthy outside of just a number on the scale. Yesterday I had a NSV when I went shopping for new jeans.

First of all, I wasn’t dreading trying on clothes. Secondly, when I did try on 4 pairs of jeans, they all fit perfectly and looked great! Every time I went to pull a pant leg on, I kept expecting them to be too tight and to look wrong. Ha, I’m still getting used to my new normal!


It happens to all of us. We can be rolling right along and then out of nowhere we hit a trigger that sets off all kinds of stress and emotions. What happens next is pivotal to your health journey. In this video, Andy Howard has some amazing stories lined up as well as some tips and remedies for what to do next time you set off a trigger. (If the video doesn’t show in your email, click the title at the top of the email content to go to the website.)


From Dr. A: Your mindset on your journey toward optimal health is perhaps one of the greatest factors for determining your success. We often see people begin with a focus on what they will lose if they can get healthy. They want to lose weight. They want to lose the negative feelings they have about themselves. And in many ways, they want to leave their old lives behind.

Optimal wellbeing is not about what you lose. Optimal wellbeing is about what you gain.

That can sound trivial at first, but… (read more here)