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A must read for anyone in a season of singleness or those walking through life with other singles! This book really changed my perspective on what a season of waiting is truly intended to look like. Beth speaks Biblical truth and peace over singleness and dating while providing practical ways to reflect, guard your heart, and prepare for dating. -Jessica

This book is the confirmation that you’re not wrong for being patient. You’re not wrong for being undecided or particular. Set your standards high to the value that God sees you as having. He knows how to pick ‘em. -Sam

Dating - Keys for Christian Singles is a quick and fun read filled with keys of wisdom and stories of individuals who have navigated singleness, dating, and marriage. -Megan

  • Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • Does love really have to be complicated?
  • How will you know when you meet the right person?
  • What about online dating?

Find answers to these questions and more in this quick read! 

30 Days of Spirituality

helpful life keys volume 1

Have you ever felt like everyone around you is more spiritual than you are?

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, the practical keys in this interactive book will help you go deeper.

Get ready to unlock the next door in your spiritual journey over the next 30 days!


30 Days of Peace & Hope

Helpful Life Keys Volume 2

 Can you imagine how your life would look if you walked in peace and hope every day? Jesus gives us peace and then commands us to not let our hearts be troubled. This is both a gift and a responsibility. Let’s take the next 30 days to work together on cultivating a peace that leads to lasting hope.

Travel with me on a journey through machine guns & mafia, romance & heartbreak, dreams & struggles and find keys to unlock your destiny all along the way.

"Beth Olson is a great friend of mine. I know her well. In her new book, you can follow a life story of difficult decisions she made in following her passion, knowing God intimately. You'll also learn how to apply what she learned for practical use in your own journey. I wish the world had more than just one Beth Olson in it."

-Bob L. Phillips, Former Pastor with David Wilkerson at Times Square Church


"Diary of a Missionary Kid by Beth Olson is a must read for anyone who desires to live a wide eyed adventure with God. The journey of Beth Olson is the ripe fruit of a life courageously and honestly lived."

-Leif Hetland, Founder and President of Global Mission Awareness, Author of Seeing Through Heaven's Eyes

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Zoe's Books

Zoe's 2nd Book Is Now Available!

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Kindle version here


The Stick Family

The Stick Family Book is a comedic story based off of The Stick Family Video Series created by my youngest son Elijah. If you have reluctant young readers, you will definitely want to put this book in their hands.

In this book, two siblings whose names are Ham and Wall go on the adventure of their lives. Ham is the younger brother, and Wall the older sister. These two Stick people live in a house together, waiting every day for something big to happen in their lives. And one day, something does. They get a package in the mail. They open it up. And it has a baby in it! And the baby has a BEARD! Read to find out what happens to these two as they go on a hilarious comedic adventure! And also read it because I told you to. But mainly because you should find out what happens. Anyways, enjoy! -Elijah




A few years ago, five kids from Iowa (including Zoe & Elijah) started an artist collective. They decided to write and illustrate a book together. Each author created their own character, and then they began weaving their characters together. After encountering Super Love, each character discovers their true identity and starts overcoming evil with good.

In the hope that this adventure will inspire young authors and illustrators to create their own stories and adventures, this book is titled Becoming Agents of Creativity.