Have You Ever Been Seasick?



Have you ever been seasick? I mean, so very seasick that you daydream about jumping overboard just to make it stop? When I was 19 years old I joined YWAM's Mercy Ships South Pacific. It was a grand adventure that I have many great memories of, but being seasick was definitely not a highlight.

The ship that I lived on was called Island Mercy. She was a lovely home full of wonderful friends from all over the world.

We spent our time sailing to different islands in the South Pacific giving free dental and optical care to people who were lost in time. Many of the people we reached out to spent their whole lives living in grass huts. They lived off of the tropical fruit that grew all around them and the fish that they pulled from the sea.

The very first time I sailed I had no clue that I would be susceptible to seasickness. I was just excited to set out to sea.

I spent my first night at sea hugging the toilet. It was so awful.

After a couple days I got my sea legs and felt good enough to get out of bed and be a productive team member.

Each time before we would set out to sea I would study the ocean to see how much foam was stirring, trying to assess how much the ship would pitch when we got underway.

I yearned for the faith to command the waves and wind to be still.

In my mind's eye I can still see the churning ocean as I look over the railing on the ship's deck. Blah.


I remember my friends telling me to get up on deck and look out to the horizon.

Wow! It was amazing what a difference that made!

When I would look straight down into the sea, I would feel like I was going to die, but when I would take deep breaths and look at the spot where the sky meets the sea, I could rest much easier.

The take away: Don't focus on all the chaos swirling around you. Choose to lift your focus to the Lord, and peace will flood your soul!