A "Good Day" Doesn't Happen by Accident


So, it's Monday again.... What words came into your head at that statement?

I love Mondays!

Monday is like a new page on the calendar.  It gives me a fresh start to live life intentionally.  I love to get everything in order and  start fresh.

I think in some ways we are pre-programmed to think poorly of "Monday." I suppose if you are spending your life doing something you hate, there could be something to that line of reasoning.  It's so important to be intentional with your schedule.  You only have so much time.  Do something that you love, and you won't have to hate starting it again each week.

If you were to ask my kids what they think of Monday, you would hear a chorus of groans all around.  This is partly due to the fact that Monday is a "no video game day" at our house, but I think it is also due to the fact that my kids are big Garfield fans.  Garfield drones on and on about how much he hates Mondays.

What if we were to start a revolution to change the stigma that Monday carries.  What if Monday really is "the day that the Lord has made"?

What if Monday became your new favorite day!

Please comment below one thing you are thankful for today. Let's see how long of a list we can make!