How I Bought a Little Peace for $25

They say that money can't buy happiness, but I recently learned that it can buy a little peace. Let me explain.

Take a look at my kitchen table.

It's awesome because it's sturdy and easily seats our family of six, plus guests. It's not awesome because of all those grooves. They make it really hard to keep the table clean.

Because cleaning the table is such a hassle, 75% of the time the table was a mess. The mess wore away at my peace. It's not that crumbs are an "end of the world crisis" of course. It's just that every time I walked into the kitchen I would see them. I would think, "That's gross; I should fix that." It plain bugged me.

It's not a big deal to have something bug you every now and then, but when it happens day after day, it builds up. We have had this table for ten years, so the irritation has had a chance to really grow.

I finally decided last week that enough was enough.

I considered:

  • refinishing the table and filling in the grooves
  • selling the set and buying a new one

The first option was overwhelming from a labor standpoint, and the second seemed like a big hassle and expense.

Then it hit me! I needed a tablecloth. Duh! It had to be one that was easy to keep clean. I didn't want to trade the chore of cleaning the grooves in the table for more laundry.

Here's what I landed on:

A tablecloth with a plastic liner over it. It's like a miracle! I know that it's officially fall, and I'm stuck in summer decor, but I like it! It may not be fancy, but it is making life easier. That's my bottom line. I managed to buy the tablecloth, liner, fruit bowl, and red plates all on clearance for about $25. That was money well spent!

It's pretty silly that it took me ten years to figure this one out. It made me think, how many little things do we put up with day after day, year after year when we could fix them easily?