What if I were to hand you a blank check...


Recently I heard someone suggest that instead of asking our kids what they want to be when they grow up we should ask them what problem they want to fix. I decided to try it with a little alteration. I asked my kids if they had an infinite amount of money, but could not spend it on themselves, what would they do with it. This little question gave me some real insight into my children's hearts and minds.

My fifteen year old said he would fix the national debt problem. I found this surprising in that I had no idea the economy was such a priority in his life, yet fitting in that he has always followed the stock market's ups and downs.

My thirteen year old out of the box thinker said he would give the money away to someone else under the stipulation that they had to spend it on him! Haha. His real idea was to give money to Answers in Genesis with Ken Ham so that they could expand their platform. He is very passionate about defending our faith.

My eleven year old said he would make really big bombs and drop them on ISIS. I believe that this child has a big value for people to feel safe. I believe he has a pastor/counselor gift.

My ten year old said she would feed hungry people. She reminded me of a time years ago that I gave a sleeve of crackers to some people begging by the entrance to the Walmart parking lot. I had not realized how much that simple act had impacted her. I had completely forgotten that crackery day or that she was even in the backseat at the time.

If I had a blank check with unlimited backing I would start by rescuing all the children who live in the dumps in India. It breaks my heart for any child to grow up without the love and protection of a father and mother.

I would like to ask you the same question.

If YOU had an unlimited amount of money to spend on fixing a problem not your own, what would you do?