Sometimes it's Easier to Do the Hard Thing than the Mediocre One


My 10 year old daughter recently started taking early morning band classes.  I had been dreading the start of these classes because my daughter is not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination.  Most school mornings I have to drag her out of bed, and we barely survive the getting to school on time routine. I have been amazed by these extra early mornings. I step into her room, barely say her name, and she pops right out of bed.  Within ten minutes she is all set and ready to hop out the door.  It's kind of like magic!

When I was a teenager I worked in the kitchen of a nursing home. Some mornings I had to be to work at 7, but I always preferred  the days when I had to be there at 5:30am. It seems illogical, but somehow I always found that waking up much earlier was just easier.

It's kind of like jumping right into a cold swimming pool instead of slowly edging your way in. It's scary, but it's invigorating.

Maybe we are wired for a challenge. Maybe the mundane is the real difficulty.

What hard thing do you have set before you right now? If it is both good and hard, I challenge you to plunge right in. It might be easier than you think!