12 Reasons to Feel Good About Voting for Donald Trump

  1. He has an advisory circle around him that is full of smart and credible women and men.
  2. He's a strong leader whose success as a businessman and a parent both indicate that he can produce. His experience with the economy is something we greatly need to turn our nation's finances in the right direction.
  3. He genuinely cares about America. He didn't need to run for power or money.
  4. He will stand strong against ISIS and other terrorist groups that are out to destroy Americans and Christianity.
  5. He believes that all life has equal value, including the lives still in their mothers' wombs. He will fight for life.
  6. He has an astute business mind. He knows how to create jobs. He's a builder.
  7. He supports Christians and their freedoms. He will reverse the Johnson Amendment Act of 1954, giving us back the voice that our fathers sacrificed so much for.
  8. He will appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court. This alone will greatly affect the future for our kids and grand kids.
  9. He speaks his mind with authentic confidence. People follow confidence. He is not in bondage to political correctness. He's not a puppet. He's honest.
  10. He's not afraid to enforce the law, and he stands up for our police officers.
  11. He will protect the Constitution and Bill of Rights, including our right to bear arms without which the government has far too much power.
  12. He understands the power of giving. He knows about inheritance and isn't interested in being self-made. His kids are living examples.

Please watch this 8 minute video. My commentary on it is summed up in one word: "Wow."