Christmas Night with Syrian Refugees

Have you ever felt love for people you've never met? Christopher has had a burden for Syrian refugees for a few years now.  He had the great idea to bless a family with Christmas gifts. We found a family to reach out to through our friends David and Ashley. My heart joined with Christopher's as I spent time and money shopping for the family.  

Where your treasure is, there your heart will be.

Matthew 6:21

I sincerely enjoyed shopping for and spending money on a family I've never met. I didn't even know their names. As I shopped for and carefully wrapped each gift, I felt a love grow in my heart for boy age 17, boy age 15, boy age 13, girl age 11, girl age 8, twin boy and girl age 4, mom and dad. 

Maybe it's a tiny taste of the way God says, "Before you were born I knew you, and I loved you."

Our whole family took the gifts to the refugee family on Christmas night. It was especially fun to watch the 4 year olds with their brand new bikes. They were so excited. The little boy fell off his bike three times while we were there, but that didn't diminish his ear to ear smile one bit. 

As we sipped tea and ate unleavened bread, we spoke to each other in broken English. They told us a little about their journey including how their house in Syria had been bombed to the ground one month after they had fled to Jordan.

Before we said goodbye, Christopher prayed a blessing over the family. We released peace and love, and we left with full hearts.

We didn't even make it home before we found out that the father had posted this on his facebook. 

It truly is more blessed to give than to receive!