When It's Time to Push

Recently I had a few days where I felt like I was pushing against a brick wall. I had all of these things in my heart to accomplish and had been working towards them with diligence for many months when I came to a spot where I smacked into what felt like strong resistance.

As I was driving down the road thinking things through, I passed a middle school football field. That was the moment when I was able to put my jumbled up, frustrated feelings into words. I felt like I had been pushing against one of those blocking sleds they use in football practice.


Having that picture in my head brought me relief and peace. I realized that I was actually in a good spot. Sometimes to get something off the ground you have to push. Pushing is hard, painful work. The fact that it is time to push means that something awesome is about to break forth.

When I was in labor with my first son, there was a distinct moment when the pain became so strong, that I just wanted to stop, climb out of the hospital bed, and go home. I had been waiting for that day with all of my heart for nine months, honestly for my whole life. When the pain became overwhelming I just wanted to "stick a pin in it" and try again another day.

Turn back the clock another 23 years. When my mom was ready to give birth to me something crazy happened. When the time to push came, her doctor instructed the nurses to hold her off for what turned out to be several hours. This delay caused physical damage to my mom. She had to have follow-up surgery and ended up only being able to bear two children when she would have liked to have had more.

Sometimes you just have to push! Quitting is not an option, and delay is dangerous.

This is the moment when the resistance actually works for you. Great breakthrough is imminent if you keep pressing forward.

Whenever a woman is in labor she has pain because her hour has come; but when she gives birth to the child, she no longer remembers the anguish because of the joy that a child has been born into the world. John 16:21 NASB

I'm realizing that my biggest breakthroughs come when I keep pushing.

(Please do not take this as permission to push against God or against your leaders in a rebellious way. That is definitely not what I am suggesting. If you push too early, you will birth a preemie and go through a lot of added stress.)

Behold, I will do something new, Now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, Rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:19 NASB


How Some Horses Taught Me To Pray

I want to tell you a little story. When I was growing up we lived in at least 22 different houses that I can remember. My parents were missionaries, so we were very mobile. This is a story about something that happened at one of the places we lived in Texas.

I would’ve been about 12 years old, when a family we were friends with decided to go to Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Belize for a 6-month school. They were looking for people to house sit for them, and we happened to be looking for somewhere to live. That was that. They moved out, and we moved in. No big deal, right?

Well, what made it interesting was the little fact that the family owned 4 horses, and we had to take care of them! Not one of us knew anything about horses. I was really excited about it though. I mean, what 12-year-old girl doesn’t want to “own” a horse!


The family gave us a crash course on how to feed the horses, and then they left us to it. Fun fact, they neglected to tell us that one of the horses was pregnant!

One day after school, I asked my mom if I could get one of the horses out to go for a ride. She told me to wait until my dad got home. If only I would’ve listened instead of hassling her! Instead, I begged and bothered her until she gave in.

When I went over to the field to get the horse, I couldn’t close the gate behind it fast enough. A second horse came right on out with it, and they both ran straight to the barn. When I got over to the barn door, all I could see was the backsides of the two horses blocking the doorway as they chowed down on horse feed.


That was the moment that I wished I had listened to my mom. My anxiety level spiked, and I started to cry. You see, I really didn’t want to get kicked by a horse, and there was no way those horses were going to come out of there on their own anytime soon.

In my desperation, I went over to the swings and sat there praying for God to help me. I remember that I started singing worship songs as I cried. My 12-year-old self needed a serious miracle, or I was going to be in big trouble.

After a few minutes, a neighbor we had never met walked into our yard. I’m not sure what made her come, because the neighborhood was very spread out and had a lot of large, leafy trees. It’s not like she could’ve just walked by and seen what was going on.

Well, this girl knew right what to do. She walked right up to those horses, slapped their hind ends, dragged them out of the barn, and put them right back into the field. I couldn’t believe it! God had sent help!

Call to Me, and I will answer you. Jeremiah 33:3a


This is the first time I remember worshipping and praying for a breakthrough. It may seem like a small thing looking back now, but I learned an important lesson. God listens when we humble ourselves and cry out to Him. He knows exactly how to help us clean up our mess.