Why I Color in My Bible

Genesis 6-8 Noah walked with God, and God remembered him.

Genesis 6-8 Noah walked with God, and God remembered him.

Artistic journaling is not just for kids! When I was 19 years old, I went to a missionary training school with YWAM Mercy Ships. Part of our graded course work was keeping an illustrated journal throughout the entire school. We had to turn it in each week to be graded. 

When I first heard about the illustrated journal requirement, I was offended. As they handed us boxes of crayons, I thought, "Do they think we are 5 year olds!" The crazy thing is that after a couple of weeks I fell in love with the process. I still have that journal 20 years later. It is a treasure to me.

If you flip through the journal, you can see a huge difference from the beginning to the end. In the early parts of the notebook I used stick figures and magazine cut outs. Towards the end you can see that I took my time to carefully draw what was happening in my life. I love having a creative documentation of the things I was learning, as well as the high and low points I experienced.

I pulled out that journal just the other day and looked through it with my daughter Zoe. She was very interested as I shared my stories with her. It was a great connection point for us.

Recently my friend Angela Meijer and I have started experimenting with Bible journaling. You can find out more about our projects by visiting Fireflies Aglow.

When we add an extra sensory process to reading the Bible, we get to go a little deeper. The time we spend drawing allows us to meditate on what we are reading and soak it in deep. I told you about my experiences with singing the scriptures. Coloring in my Bible works along the same lines.

I have a favorite old Bible that I have written notes in for many years. I decided to start coloring in that one. If you just can't bring yourself to write in your Bible, you could use a separate journal.

Psalm 1 #iwanttobeatree

Psalm 1 #iwanttobeatree

The Story Behind Harry and Larry

My daughter Zoe wrote a book a couple months ago. She is ten years old. Knock me over with a feather! I knew she was a bit addicted to typing on her computer, but when she told me she had written a whole book I was quite surprised. Having a creative child is really exciting, but it can also be a lot of work. When my daughter told me her news I could not just sit back and say, “Oh, that’s nice, Zoe.”

What’s a mom to do? I had to take action.


Get Your Copy Now

While Zoe’s story was very fun and well thought out, it needed a lot of editing to be put into book format.

I started off by editing the book myself.  I spent several hours over several days on this part.

Next I passed the manuscript on to my dad for proofreading. I asked my mom, who is a self-published author a few times over, to help me format the text into the correct page sizes.

Zoe drew a picture for the book cover.  She had very definite ideas about the way she wanted it to look.  Next, my spiritual daughter Ashley went to the drawing board to give the canaries the animated personality that Zoe envisioned.

Overall the process of turning a manuscript into a real book turned out to be a wonderful collaboration with family.

What fun!

Don’t let your dreams just be dreams.

Do your homework and make your ideas come to life!

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