Breaking Up With Fear

It's easy to go down a trail of imagining the worst even when things really are going well. It starts with the thought "what if."

  • What if an armed robber breaks into my house?
  • What if my spouse gets killed in a car wreck on their way home from work?
  • What if my kid gets a horrible disease? 

If we're not careful we can get ourselves all worked up about something that may never happen. We can waste our precious time mentally planning out funerals that aren't going to happen anytime soon. This is how you partner with fear. It is vain imagination hard at work.

You can partner with peace by turning your "what if's" into things that agree with God.

  • What if God really, really loves me?
  • What if God wants to use my life to touch the world around me?
  • What if God has given me everything I need to live an amazing life? 

This is glorified imagination. Going down this path will fill your heart with hope!

Key Idea: Worry is a mis-use of your imagination.