Peace Train

I want to share with you an experience my spiritual daughter had with the Lord. I love it so much because it's all about abiding in peace and the Kingdom. Enjoy!

From Ashley Reddish:

I just had the craziest experience with the Lord. We were standing in this train station, and I could literally feel the air from the train pushing against my face and back.

I was like,"Hey, I hate trains."

Jesus was like, "Let yourself go." The wind totally held me up.

He was like, "That's abiding in peace."

Then we walked onto the train, but it was still moving so fast. He was telling me the importance of abiding in peace and asked if I wanted to see something cool.

I said, "Yes."

We got off the train, and the station was crowded. Everyone was frozen and Jesus said, "Watch this."

He went and began to change people's faces, their expressions. He was like, "You try it."

We literally ran through the crowd, and we were taking casts off people and taking their crutches. We would just stretch out the person's legs or arms or whatever, and they were gonna be better. Then we went back on the train.

He told me that I can travel faster in peace than any other way. - You Can Tweet This

I'm planning to write three 30 day books this year, one of which will be about living in peace and hope! For now, I would love for you to check out this book by Steve Backlund. It is an awesome tool to help you recognize and beat the lies the enemy tries to tell us.