Discovering Your Special Sauce

What are you good at? Chances are you don't really know. Think about it for a second....

Most of the time the things we are good at don't even make the list. The things we are good at come to us so naturally that we tend to not even notice them. (Click to Tweet) They can be a bit like water to a fish.

You might be able to identify the things you are best at by noticing what things you tend to judge the most in other people.

For example, if you always find yourself looking down on people who dress sloppy, you may have a gift for beauty. Maybe you could develop a practical solution to inspire others to dress for the life they want to have.

As natural human beings we tend to judge other people's weaknesses against our strengths. This is a recipe for disunity. In reality, criticism is the opposite of honor. You cannot have a positive impact on society without honor. (Click to Tweet)

Generally it's a bad idea to compare yourself with other people. If you compare other people's strengths to your own weaknesses, you could put yourself into a clinical depression. We all have different strong points. No one has a monopoly on perfection.

As followers of Jesus, supernatural beings, we get to come up higher and begin to value each other for the wide array of strengths we each bring to the table. It takes all kinds to get the work of the Kingdom accomplished. After all, Jesus is the Head, and we are His body. I'm pretty sure He doesn't want to be all elbows. Another way to find out what you should focus your life's efforts the most on is to think about what things break your heart the most or make you feel intense anger.

In my case, thinking about orphans breaks my heart. There is something about the kids living in the slums in India that tears me up inside. I know that part of my destiny is to rescue as many of them as I can. I want to see them not only provided for physically, but also nurtured emotionally and spiritually.

I cannot afford to get overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem. I have to take it one child at a time. For the past few years we have been sponsoring one little boy from India. My dream is to one day be able to provide homes to care for multiple children there.

Another thing that makes me feel intense frustration is when I see angry parents being harsh with young children. Of course all parents experience moments of frustration, but spewing anger on kids is so damaging to their hearts. When I see a child wilt right before me, it breaks my heart.

My heart also breaks for the parents. Most of the time they never had nurturing parents themselves and are really just emotional orphans. 

It makes me just want to swoop in and pour love and nurture on the parent and child alike. The parents really need someone to come along side them and parent them. Only then will they have the life tools needed to stop the dysfunctional cycle they are living in.


The people who are the angriest about a problem,

are usually the ones who are to be the solution. (Click to Tweet)


Ready to find your special sauce? What makes you angry? What breaks your heart?

Ask the Lord to show you what your part is in bringing a solution.


I would love to hear your thoughts.

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