How Much Is Your Inheritance Worth?

Take some time to research your family history. Maybe you have parents or grandparents who were involved in something great.

If when you go back only one or two generations you don’t find spiritual legacy, go back further. There is sure to be a great grandparent along your line who loved God and had a genuine connection with Him.

God may also bring one or more spiritual parents into your life. As you lean your heart into theirs, spiritual inheritance can be passed on to you.

My  mom  and I sharing our inheritance in Cuba.

My mom and I sharing our inheritance in Cuba.

If you still can’t find anyone, go all the way back to Father Abraham. You have an inheritance even through him.

God gave Himself to Abraham as his reward and shield. Then He told told Abraham that his children would be as many as the stars he could see in the sky. You are one of those kids. That means that you have access to Abraham’s inheritance. God is YOUR reward and shield.

In fact, you can go back even further than Father Abraham. Your Father God has been longing to know you and to see your destiny unfold since before the earth was even created. Latching onto your inheritance from Father God is your ultimate claim. He owns EVERYTHING, and He can’t wait to share it with you.

Get into the Bible and read all about what God has prepared for you. His Word is your guide book. Ask Holy Spirit to help you as you read. You may not understand much at first, but don’t give up. Even if your mind doesn’t understand, your spirit will be receiving much needed nutrients.

You may find reading the Bible to be boring at times, but if you don’t give up you will eventually develop a deep love for God’s Word.

Destiny Key: Make sure you track down your parent's stories because they are doorways into your potential. You can pull on them to receive inheritance.

This is an excerpt from my book Diary of a Missionary Kid - Filled with Strategy to Unlock Your Destiny.