Creativity's Nemesis

Lately I have been having a lot of attacks of the wishy-washy time of night. Click here to read my original post about that.  

I have been working really hard on some projects and wearing myself out a bit. I keep working relentlessly because I enjoy the creative process  so much, but it catches up with me at night. 

Not only am I physically tired, I'm mentally tired too. It doesn't take long before the physical and mental fatigue start knocking on the door of my emotional stamina.  

That's when the wishy-washies hit. My mind starts to play head games with me.  

What if I'm wasting my time on stuff that people won't value. What if no one likes my ideas or their end results?  

When it comes down to it, creating is very vulnerable. When you want to do anything worthwhile there is always some kind of vulnerability factor involved.  

Will you press forward and risk rejection when you share yourself with the world or give into fear and hide inside your shell? 

I have hidden in my shell a lot over the years. It is overrated.  I will not hide.

Don't hide your light. SHINE.

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Christopher Ministering in Brazil

Christopher Ministering in Brazil