Can You Remember When?

Can you unlock your memories from when you were a small child?

Can you unlock your memories from when you were a small child?

What kind of imaginary play did you most enjoy when you were a child? Did you pretend to be a teacher? A doctor? A firefighter?

If you can dial back the clock and remember those carefree childhood days, you will get a glimpse into your life's calling.

When I was a kid I loved to play house and school. No surprise that I felt that part of my life's calling was to be a mom and to home-school my kids.

When Christopher was a kid, he used to dress up in a suit and tie and grab a trash can with a slanted lid to use as a make-shift pulpit. He would lay his Bible on it and preach his little 4 year old heart out. Today he loves to speak publicly from God's word.

Maybe you have chosen a different life path than the one you imagined as a child, but you might be able to integrate that early pull somehow. Maybe you could get involved in some volunteer work.

What are your strengths? Chances are you don't really know.  The things we are best at come to us so easily that we don't tend to even notice them. They can be a bit like water to a fish.

You might be able to tell what your most basic strengths are by paying attention to what behaviors you judge in other people. If you look down on other people for being unorganized, you probably have a strength for organization. That skill is a gift that God gave you. He must have given the person you are judging a different gift.

As natural human beings we tend to judge other people's weaknesses against our strengths. This is a primary recipe for disunity.  In reality, criticism is the opposite of honor.

Generally it's a bad idea to compare yourself with other people.  If you decide to compare other people's strengths to your own weaknesses, you could put yourself into a clinical depression. There will always be someone who is ahead of you in the game.

As as followers of Jesus, supernatural human beings, we get to come up higher and begin to value each other for the wide array of strengths that we each bring to the table.

It takes all kinds to get the work of the kingdom accomplished.

After all Jesus is the Head, and we are His body. I'm pretty sure He doesn't want to be all elbows.

Use your log in from our recent surveys to find out what your top strengths are: Strengths Survey.

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