Working towards Heart Connection with our God


I love Holy Spirit so much.  He's just so good.  The intimate fellowship that I experience with Him is like nothing else in this life.  It fills me with peace that is beyond comprehension.  I know that this is a huge part of what Jesus was talking about when He said, "I come to give you life, and life more abundant."  I'm so thankful to Jesus that He went to His Father and sent Holy Spirit to us: the Spirit of Truth who teaches us everything we need to know. The devil hates for us to experience this sweet fellowship with Holy Spirit.  He whispers so many lies to keep us from this divine connection.  Some of the lies he used on me over the years were:  "You're not really hearing from the Lord or feeling anything really spiritual.  You are just making that up," "You're not as spiritual as other people, so you might as well serve others and not even try to have spiritual encounters, " and "If you were really spiritual, you could connect with God without using music as a crutch."    Wow, do you see how accusing those statements are?  I had to learn to recognize where the thoughts in my head were coming from.  Any thought that is accusing and keeping me from connecting with God, definitely is not from God!!  What freedom!  When I realized that all of these years I really had been so sincere in my love for God, and that He knew it and loved that about me, I started to enter into His presence in a whole new way.  Now when I lie down to soak, I have confidence.  I know that I love Him, and He loves me.  I have thoughts running through my head like, "Holy Spirit, I love you so much.  I love it when you come and spend time with me," "Jesus, thank you so much that I'm am clean, and it's my nature to love," and "Father, thank you that I'm your child and you love to give me good gifts."

That's a little of my journey in connecting with Him, who is our Life.  I hope you are encouraged to keep working towards heart connection with the One who loves you like no other.